Letters to LoveLiza

Letters to LoveLiza - designernes Klara Klok:

Dear LoveLiza,
I think I might be developing a real allergy for Helvetica. I have tried practically everything. I watched the film, bought the mug, the t-shirt, the note pad, and the only time I can remember using it was when it was the corporate typeface of a company I used to work for, and that was bad enough. I just can’t warm up to it, and I find it very hard to talk to anyone about this, I would loose all respect from friends and colleagues. Please help!
Anonymous, Europe

Dear Sans Serif Connoisseur,
I’m glad you wrote. Hating Helvetica must be terrible. It seems like something you have no control over. The fact that you have acknowledged your problem and have seeked for help is already proof to your level of intelligence and willingness to change. You can now take the next step forward. Start with using Akzidenz-Grotesk, and after a few months make the big step.

Muligens morsommere for designere enn andre.

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