The Micropolitan Museum

Selv om jeg har fått makro linse er det et stykke igjen før jeg kan ta bilder til The Micropolitan Museum - et museum til ære for ting mindre enn en millimeter. Her er en oversikt over utstillingen. Mange fine bilder. Se bare her. Vakkert!

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India sa...


There used to be a gorgeous blown-glass display of animalculae in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. They looked very much like the radiolaria you linked to; perhaps they were those.

There were maybe twenty of them--a whole wall, with these glass structures mounted so that you could get up close and see them from both sides. They were among the most beautiful things in the museum, I thought.

In the recent redesign of that hall, however, the curators removed all but two or three and skied the rest. I've been mad at the museum ever since. They also moved the giant mosquito to a well-lit and therefore much less scary location. What's with those people?! At least the giant earthworm has stayed put.